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Or maybe you just want to know more about me. Hello! I go by many names but I mostly answer to ALEX. I'm 20 years old, from good ol USA, and I love root beer and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! I use he/it/thou pronouns and the occasionaly 'thing' but I am a lesboy! I have a lot of places where you can find me, like my SPACEHEY ,TUMBLR, and TIKTOK. When I am not creeping on this webiste, I'm lurking on some other place listed above, being silly with my friends, listening to music, or indulging in one bad movie or a game that no one cares about. I pride myself on being a silly little guy but often times I find myself not able to speak to anyone enough to prove my silliness! I am very shy in person and more often than not, I will not respond to people due to this shyness. CLICK THE MEAT TO GO BACK TO MAIN PAGE!

This website is not my first Neocities adventure. I had one before when I was just 15 and it was supposed to be Silent Hill themed and a replacement of...carrd...because I wanted to be edgy and different. But soon after it's was abandoned. I was stuck and had no creativity and no motivation to keep it going due to the fact that I would have to constantly update it. I held myself to a high standard when creating a website and due to that, I just decided to give up altogether. Well. Here we are now and I'm letting this website flow freely and updating it and doing with it what I want rather than it having a set meaning and it's been making me so much happier! Parts of this site have been created from templets so I'm actively going through them and trying things out here and there to find out what I really like and what I don't so that this website can be more me and less of someone else. I use this place to be myself unapologetically and I want to continue doing that with my unique interests and style.


I am a Pierrot Mime! Click here to take the clown quiz!